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5 easy ways to beautify your bathroom

5 easy ways to beautify your bathroom

If so much time is spent in the bathroom, why not make it more pleasant?

Here are 5 simple things you can do to upgrade one of your home’s busiest rooms:

1. A shelf rack with hooks is an ingenious answer to the storage problem posed by smaller spaces.

2. Make a long soak even more luxurious with bath salts, lush towels, and aromatic candles within easy reach.

3. A woven basket holds an ample supply of toilet paper, eliminating the need to hunt when you’re down to the end of a roll (your guests will thank you).

4. A retractable mirror is a practical solution on walls that won’t allow for a conventional mirror.

5. A perfumed tablet of preserved cranberries and orange slices adds a delicious note when slipped into a vanity drawer.

For more ideas, visit Real Simple’s 20 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

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