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5 Common Bathroom Designs to Avoid

5 Common Bathroom Designs to Avoid

What is your dream bathroom idea? Do you imagine yourself soaked in a big tub with hot water scented with exotic oils, surrounded by candles, holding a glass of wine while reading your favorite book or just washing away the day’s stress? This dream can be a nightmare if you do not plan well. Remodeling a bathroom requires much effort and detail consideration. You do not want your poor planning and consequent mistakes to be a social phenomenon and a point of reference.

1. Improper Installation
The bathroom can be an unsafe place even without installation mistakes being a small room with water, smooth surfaces, electrical outlets, fragile objects, and people all in one place. It is not surprising that most home accidents do happen in the bathroom.

Inaccurately fixed shower doors, mirrors, and electricity outlets in the bathroom can present many risks, which can even be fatal. Poorly done installation does not just weaken your structure, but it also exposes you to electrical shocks and mold. Although renovating your bathroom can be a costly project, a DIY renovation may expose you to many risks. Consider hiring an experienced and professional contractor to remodel your bathroom.

2. Awkward Colors
Bright Yellow
Bright yellow is a sparkling color, but it can be harsh to the eyes and make small spaces look even smaller. Yellow may also not be a good behind the mirror color, because it may not give a nice frame to the face. In addition, bright yellow bathroom walls are not visually appealing.

Red is too much and tragic for a tiny space. It arouses intense feelings and raises blood pressure. If you must have red in your bathroom, use it as accent color in your soap dispenser or towel trims. Consider having light touches of red in your bathroom to achieve a classy look. Be careful, too much red could be a scare.

This is a great outdoors color, like in a field of green grass, but could give you a sick feeling in your bathroom. It does not give you face a great frame if applied behind a mirror. The color is not ideal for any wall, not just your bathroom walls.

3. Uncomfortable Spacing
Tiny bathrooms can be inconvenient and discomforting. The minimum spacing requirements may not extend to how you can shop for or arrange your home amenities. When it comes to your bathroom, ample space is essential.

4. Lack of Storage
Having a bathroom with limited storage can be such an inconvenience. Having to fetch items from the bedroom to the bathroom can be annoying. Consider having enough storage in your bathroom for various bathroom items. You may limit storage space in your guest bathroom. However, ensure you have cabinets, towel racks, shelves, and hanging hooks in your bathroom. Storage is always functional.

5. Thinking Short Term
Focusing on your future needs and retaining a simple but elegant bathroom look can be an ideal way of ensuring that your bathroom design remains timeless. Installing double vanities makes your bathroom more family friendly and useful when you sell your home in the future because not everyone likes a marble sink or antique tub.

Although many people undertake bathroom-remodeling projects to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of their bathrooms, some bathroom renovation designs may have just the opposite effect.

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