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5 Apps for Your Home Remodel

5 Apps for Your Home Remodel

It can be hard to make sense of remodel floor plans and difficult to visualize how products will look in your newly remodeled home. These apps make the remodel process easier by giving your inspiration and letting you see how your home will look.

Mark on Call ($2.99)

This easy-to-use app lets you put in your floor plans and come up with custom designs. It is best for minor changes, such as visualizing how new furniture will look in a space or coming up with new furniture layouts. There are some useful options like being able to up-size items, show gridlines, show item dimensions, and change flooring types.

Home 3D ($3.99)

This remodel app really gets into some advanced features. Once you have put in your floor plans, you can change virtually everything, such as wallpaper, curtains, layouts, and even move windows and doors around. The beauty of the app is that you can visualize everything in 3D mode, which sure beats those 2D floor plans your contractor gave you! 

MyPantone ($9.99 iOS, $7.99 Android)

This app is for finding color palettes only. The features make it really easy and fun to choose main colors and accent colors for your home. There are tools for matching colors, generating color harmonies, and printing your colors.

Room Design ($3.99)

As the name implies, this app lets you design a room. The step-by-step process makes it easy. Just select the room area, floor texture and room type. Then you can select layouts from the list and edit the room shape and features. After you are done playing around with the room appearance, you can view it in 3D mode. Features include changing color palettes, changing flooring, moving walls, and creating furniture plans.

Zillow Digs (Free)

This app won’t let you visualize how your remodel will look, but it does make it easier to collect remodel ideas. You can use the app to look through samples for inspiration and find out information about project costs, create your own boards with comments, and sort images based on styles and space. You can then bring all of this information to the showroom to present to the remodel expert, which will make it much easier for the expert to recommend products based on your personal style and budget.

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