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4 Upgrades You Can Make to Your Bathroom Now

4 Upgrades You Can Make to Your Bathroom Now

With as much traffic as your bathroom sees, it’s a good idea to keep it fresh and updated. If you’re thinking, “I don’t have the budget for that,” don’t worry. There are a few upgrades you make to your bathroom or powder room without spending a ton of money.

Here a few easy and inexpensive ways to spruce up your bathroom:

1. Replace your faucet

Other than the obvious function of a bathroom, the other task that is done in there most often is hand washing. Make it as pleasurable as possible by replacing your sink’s faucet with one that is modern and beautiful. Click here for a list of our featured faucet manufacturers and have fun exploring all the options.

2. Add bidet functionality to your toilet

Just read our post on bidets and you will be as convinced as we are on their merits. The great thing is that it is possible to add a bidet to your existing toilet, so you don’t have to install another unit. Kohler carries toilet seats with bidet functionality.

3. Install a handshower

A shower becomes much more fun and relaxing when you can control the spray. Installing a handshower is a simple way to take your bathroom up a notch without spending a lot of money. Like the Forte from Kohler:

Forté® Create a more versatile bathing space with this Forté handshower, which conserves water without sacrificing comfort. With a water-saving flow rate, it meets flow, force, and water coverage requirements for enjoyable yet economical showering. Certified to meet flow, force, and water coverage requirements for water efficiency, this showerhead provides an enjoyable showering experience while conserving water. A wide coverage spray provides a gentle, all-encompassing water flow, while the medium coverage spray delivers a more invigorating experience. The concentrated spray targets an intense stream of water to ease aches and pains.

4. Add a medicine cabinet

Medicine cabinets used to be standard in houses of yore, but somewhere along the line they went out of fashion and were replaced by flat, ornamental mirrors. Now medicine cabinets seem to be making a comeback. A mirror and storage in one, we love the functionality of a good medicine cabinet. Check out How to Install a Medicine Cabinet from This Old House for a step-by-step guide.

We would love to help you with your bathroom makeover, whether small or large. Schedule an appointment with one of our professional consultants and we can help get you started!


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