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3 Tips Which Can Cut Your Kitchen Remodel Costs in Half

3 Tips Which Can Cut Your Kitchen Remodel Costs in Half

For most, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. Because we spend so much time preparing meals and eating in our kitchens, functionality and design are incredibly important. Our most expensive appliances are also usually located in the kitchen. Since the kitchen is subject to abuses such as dropped items and oil splashes, it is crucial that the materials used for the kitchen be of a high quality. It is also the room which can add the most value to your home with realtors constantly saying that “kitchens sell houses”.

Because the kitchen is such an important room, it is also one of the most expensive to remodel. By following these simple tips, you can cut your kitchen remodel budget in half while still getting the kitchen of your dreams:

Think About How You Use the Kitchen

Before you even start looking at kitchen showrooms, think about how you really use your kitchen. Are you a serious cook? Then you probably need the extra counter space and it is worth it to invest in pricier appliances like a good range. Do you have a large family? Then your priority will be to get lots of storage space.

Know Where to Spend More

In some places, it is well worth it to spend more but other areas you can skimp on.

  • Appliances: It is worth it to spend more on energy-efficient appliances because the expense will quickly pay off in energy savings.
  • Countertops: If you plan on selling your home in the next 10 years, it’s worth investing in a more luxurious stone countertop. It will be a great focal point for your kitchen, helping it sell. The stone countertops will also withstand damage better than laminated countertops.
  • Cabinets: Today’s veneers are of such a high quality that they can pass for hardwood. So, save a bundle by choosing veneer over pricy hardwood cabinets. Also, pass on any frivolous cabinetry that you don’t really need like extra drawers or roll-out trays.

Pick the Right Flooring

In most cases, porcelain is the best choice of tiling for floors. It is more durable than ceramic, which means it will hold up longer against scuffing and chipping. You can even find budget options which look like natural stone. To save money, choose larger tiles. There will be fewer pieces to cut and lay down, which will save you money on the installation.

For even more tips, schedule an appointment with one of our professional kitchen consultants:

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