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3 Reasons to Use Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles When Renovating Your Bathroom and Kitchen

3 Reasons to Use Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles When Renovating Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Remodeling can either be exciting or become a hassle. There are many factors that must be considered when renovating a high activity space such as the bathroom or kitchen. Functionality in those areas is critical; not only do the features of those rooms need to be practical, but as the person using those spaces, you should also be able to enjoy them from an aesthetic perspective. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are functional options for those of you looking to re-do your kitchen or bathroom in terms of practicality and satisfaction. Keep reading below to learn of three benefits of using ceramic and porcelain tiles when renovating your kitchen or bathroom.

1. They’re Easy to Clean
The two rooms in your home most prone to becoming messy are the kitchen and the bathroom for obvious reasons. Food, makeup, soap, the list goes on for the number of products that can dirty your surfaces. When renovating, consider tiles like ceramic and porcelain to make clean up incredibly simple. Because both materials are not porous, they can withstand the mess of various items. Neither liquid nor solid will put up a fight when you want to clean up. Additionally, depending on the size of the tile, the gaps between each tile can be very thin, preventing too many small messes from getting trapped if your tiles haven’t be grouted yet.

2. They’re Resistant to Water Damage
Naturally, your bathroom floor is going to get wet. There are mats to protect you from slipping, but what matters is the material underneath. There’s a reason that most bathrooms don’t have wooden or carpeted floors, and that’s because the water damage would be incredible and consistent. Ceramic and porcelain off protection from unnecessary water damage, especially if it’s the cause for renovation in the first place. Don’t allow history to repeat itself. Tiled walls in the shower are a no-brainer. A tiled backsplash in the kitchen is wise for areas around the sink, especially the faucet, where sneaky leaks might creep up and cause unexpected problems.

3. They Make Your Space Pleasant
Every renovator should be reassured with the performance of their tiled walls and floors. Beyond that, the room should be a place you enjoy being in. Cooking is more enjoyable in a pleasant kitchen, and getting ready early in the morning isn’t too bad when your bathroom is efficient and comfortable. The wonderful thing about ceramic and porcelain tiles is that they’re incredibly versatile. You can find them in various colors, finishes, and shapes. Creating designs with tiles is an overlooked technique and saves you from the hassles of painting on a wall that’s otherwise unprotected from water and other substances found in kitchens and bathrooms. Open the blinds and let light reflect off of your white tiles to add the feeling of more space to your bathroom. Cooking in a cramped kitchen is a hot, unpleasant experience, but that can be remedied by choosing the proper tiles to maximize the efficiency and comfort the room will provide once it’s been renovated.

When you decide to give your bathroom or kitchen some changes, be sure to keep in mind the practicality of the new additions. Ceramic and porcelain tiles offer practicality, protection, and comfort. Happy renovating!


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