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10 Practical and Creative Bathroom Ideas

10 Practical and Creative Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms of the home where residents spend time bathing and grooming each day. The room should have a high level of appeal with its design and style to ensure that it stands out on the property. When you want to incorporate practical and creative bathroom ideas, there are a few important designs to use.

1. Subway Tiles
Subway tiles are sleek and modern for those who want to create a trendy space that looks urban. The tiles will enhance the design of the walls and will create an upscale environment that can feature a horizontal or herringbone pattern.

2. Wallpaper
Wallpaper is one of the most common home design trends that enhances the aesthetics of the room and determines its overall style. Consider using a bold print that includes oversized florals or chevron print on all four walls or on one accent wall in the room.

3. Pedestal Tubs
Make a statement by installing a pedestal tub, which will work as the focal point of the bathroom and incorporates a vintage touch that looks regal in the setting.

4. Marble Countertops
Marble countertops have replaced granite materials in bathrooms and will allow the space to look chic and contemporary. Install marble countertops, which will look beautiful with gold fixtures that are used on the cabinets or sink.

5. Reclaimed Wood
Add reclaimed wood to different areas, which can include on an accent wall or with the cabinets that are installed. The touch will create a rustic design that will incorporate extra warmth into the room for a cozy detail.

6. White Linens
Use fresh white linens in the bathroom to create a clean setting that feels more like a spa and will make it look professionally decorated. You can add a stack of white towels on one of the shelves or roll up white wash clothes to place in a wicker bin when storing the linens.

7. Sconces
The lighting that is used in bathrooms influences the style of the room and how comfortable it feels. Add sconces on each side of the mirror above the sink to create a balanced look that illuminates the setting.

8. Glass Door Knobs
Create a unique touch in the bathroom with glass knobs that are used on the doors, which will allow the room to look antique and classy. The glass knobs will add extra detail in the setting to ensure that you have all of your bases covered when it comes to designing the space.

9. Oversized Chandelier
Add a dramatic chandelier in the bathroom, which is an unconventional fixture that will make the bathroom feel cozy and can make the environment look upscale. The fixture will illuminate the room and will wrk as a classy detail that can be paired with rustic or antique furnishings.

10. Floating Vanities
Floating vanities look modern and innovative while also freeing up extra space underneath the countertops where you can store extra baskets or bins for your towels and toiletries.

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