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10 Kitchen Updates to Budget for 2017

10 Kitchen Updates to Budget for 2017

December is the ideal time of year to start putting together a list of projects that need to be completed around the house next year. This includes working up a realistic budget. It takes a little research, but it can be fun.

It seems that our kitchens often make the top of the list for updating. Let’s explore a few of the things you can do to freshen up your kitchen in 2017.

Reface your Cabinets
Refacing your cabinets is one of the most dramatic things you can do to update your kitchen. It can be as simple as repainting with a new color or staining them. Or, you could completely change out the doors and drawer fronts to give a more contemporary or a more classic look. Inserting glass in doors can lighten up the room.

Switch out Hardware
An easy kitchen upgrade is changing out your door and drawer hardware. The available options are endless, and many are quite affordable. Make a bold statement with some of the new designer series of hardware. Kitchen and bath showrooms are good places to get some ideas.

New Countertops
If your countertops are delaminating or are stained, you might want to consider changing the material out. Granite is still the number one kitchen counter material. It is certainly durable, though not without its drawbacks. You might want to look into countertops that are made from a blend of quartz and other raw materials. These are hard, non-porous, stain resistant, impact resistant, and easy to clean. They also come in a variety of colors. Think about changing the color scheme.

Refurbish Existing Countertops
Stone countertops can benefit from resealing. White water spots can be removed with a paste of baking soda and water. After the stone has been cleaned and allowed to dry, apply a fresh coat of sealer to give new life to the stone.

Lightly sand down your wood countertops and reseal them to protect them.

Replace or Repair your Backsplash
Dress up your kitchen by changing out the backsplash. Bling it out with tinted glass or metallic tiles. Perhaps add a blackboard backsplash in a particular area that would be fun for the whole family.

If you want to keep your ceramic tile backsplash, consider having it re-grouted and cleaned to freshen up the kitchen.

Opt for Stainless Steel Appliances
Do you have white or black appliances? Stainless steel is so popular now that just about every appliance company offers a stainless steel finish option. The prices are more competitive now. Stainless steel appliances will brighten up your kitchen instantly.

Replace your Faucet
Kitchen faucets don’t last forever. They do need to be replaced or repaired at some point. Faucets are becoming smarter and have more functionality. There are hands-free faucets, and faucets with extensions that make filling pots easier. Modernize your sink with a new faucet.

Reconfigure Cabinet Interiors
Storage needs are always changing. You may find that you need taller shelf space to store a stand mixer or a blender. You may also want to be able to reach things more easily. There are companies that specialize in remodeling cabinet and closet interiors to better meet your storage needs. They can install pull-out shelves to help you find what you are looking for without having to bend down and empty out the cabinet.

Upgrade your Lighting
With the recent switch from standard incandescent light bulbs to the more efficient LED and CF bulbs, now is the time to upgrade your light fixtures. Visit a show room and see how well a kitchen can be lit with newer and more efficient fixtures.

Add Trim and Molding
If your door and window trim is pretty standard builder’s quality, consider changing it out to something with more definition to give the room a more finished appearance. Adding crown molding above cabinets can bring the whole room together by framing everything like you would a piece of art.

Start planning your 2017 updates now and have fun with it! It often helps to have a vision board of things you really like. Make use of magazines and product brochures to collect your ideas.


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