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10 Kitchen Layout Ideas

10 Kitchen Layout Ideas

As the world advances, the possibilities for remodeling become endless. This is especially true in matters pertaining to kitchens, as they are often the focal point of any home. Appliances advance, materials grow in capabilities, and general layouts become vast. With so many options, it is surely hard to choose. As a result, it is important to note that some layouts work better than others by serving both practical and visually appealing purposes. Regardless of space, there is a layout that will work the best for any kitchen; the top ten are as followed:

1. Traditional
Long may traditional kitchens reign! These kitchens take on a U-shape of counters and have an island in the middle. Appliances, like the fridge and stove, tend to fall to the side of the room, while a long stretch of counter and cabinets occupies most of the space. The ways to decorate this style are endless, and leaves room for countless options for colorization, vintage or contemporary styling, and decor that will not interfere with the practicality of the appliances.

2. L-Shaped
Similar to a U-shaped kitchen, this layout omits a small portion of excess counters. The shape is formed when counters on two adjoining walls form an L, which allows for more space and decor options. The hanging portion holds the potential to be used as a breakfast bar–just add stools to create an interesting contrast to your spacious room!

3. Long
Tending to resemble a hallway, this layout does not necessarily leave much room for a kitchen table, but it is perfect for those who prefer to eat in the dining room, or who use the living room to entertain. Two rows of counters or appliances tend to rest against walls on opposite ends of the room.

4. G-Shaped
Imagine a birdseye view of a “G,” and you have the layout of this kitchen. The portion of counter space that curves upward tends to house the sink. This layout is practical for those who desire an island middle or to place a kitchen table somewhere in the kitchen.

5. Island
Perfect for incorporating more seating or general counter space, an island layout leaves plenty of room for creativity. Whether you use it as a kitchen table, a stove top, or just as a space to place fresh flowers on, the island is the prime focus of this layout.

6. Corridor
Similar to the long kitchen layout, this layout has two rows of counters and appliances resting against opposite walls. The kitchen work triangle is the focal point here, which allows for maximum kitchen efficiency.

7. In-Line
This layout tends to have all of the counters and major appliances in one straight line in the center or edge of the room. On the opposing walls, many cabinets tend to rest. This design works well for those with an open kitchen that adjoins another room, such as a living room or dining room.

8. One Wall
The name speaks for itself here, and all counters and appliances occupy a strip of space along a wall. A large stove range looks lovely in this design; the excess spaces leaves room for an island, table, or to simply lead into another room.

9. Galley
Take it to the yacht with this design, which offers a combination of in-line and one wall, but has plenty of cabinets and practical shelving where appliances, utensils, and quirky decor can hang. Whatever you need in this kitchen, you are able to reach it in one or two steps!

10. Parallel
The counters and cabinets form two parallel lines on opposite walls, while the kitchen work triangle is evenly spaced between the two rows. This layout is great for the freedom of movement or the addition of a narrow island.

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