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10 Kitchen Accessories (gadgets) you need NOW!

10 Kitchen Accessories (gadgets) you need NOW!

A well-stocked kitchen is a joy, but without proper planning it can be a cluttered mess. As new trends moving toward simplicity remind us that less is more and that an empty countertop is a thing of beauty, there are several tools on the market that can streamline your kitchen workspace.

Tools To Clear Your Countertop

Chemex Coffee Pot
Chemex pots require no electricity; simply load the filter, slowly add hot water just off the boil, and enjoy spectacular coffee. In addition, once you’re done, this pot can be quickly rinsed, dried and returned to the cupboard. No cords to fiddle with, no coffee pot parked on the counter 24 hours a day, and delicious coffee. Perfect! 

Wacaco Espresso Maker
Whether espresso is a daily need or a weekend treat, this portable espresso tool needs only hot water and time to brew a luscious, creamy coffee treat.

NutriBullet Blender
These wonderful tools are powerful, sleek and small. Blend your smoothie, then clean and store your machine for great nutrition and a tidy counter. These tools are lightweight enough to store anywhere in your kitchen.

JosephJoseph Cutting and Pastry Mats
While some roll-up cutting mats are slippery and may require you to chase them across the counter, the silicone mats made by JosephJoseph will stay put, then be easily rolled up for storage.

Items To Leave Out For Beauty’s Sake 

Magnetic Knife Holder
There are several magnetic knife holding tools, but the floating wooden boards are a thing of beauty. While they take a bit of space, they’re visually striking and austere. 

Wall-Mounted Spice Rack
There are several options to hang kitchen products where you’ll need them, and this simple spice rack can go inside cabinets or on the wall. 

Bread Box
Keeping bread in plastic or in the refrigerator actually encourages mold! Instead, consider storing bread in a beautiful bread box with built in cutting board. 

Hang Something Healthy
Fruit in the refrigerator may get ignored; fruit in the open is admired and more likely to be enjoyed! An adorable fruit storage option is a hanging basket with bar and hooks! This tool can be used in a kitchen of any size and will keep items open to the air, limiting mold and reducing bruising.

Drawer Customizations

Add A Simple Liner
If your kitchen tool crock is overcrowded, or if you just want things in drawers, try the premium drawer liner from The Container Store. Messy drawers lined with this product will become controllable as items will not slide around. 

Crockery Drawers
For petite cooks or growing families, a crockery drawer can reduce risk and make it easier to set the table. These handy storage drawers are adjustable for multiple plate sizes and make it easy for anyone to unload the dishwasher or set the table.

The kitchen is a work room, but it can also be beautiful. Whether you like the look of many gadgets or an open, blank counter, these tools can help you display (or hide) your favorite tools.


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