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10 Decorative Ideas Using Mirrors in Your Bathroom

10 Decorative Ideas Using Mirrors in Your Bathroom

Your bathroom should be a space that is both comfortable and functional. It’s one of the most used rooms in your home. If you’re looking to do a complete overhaul or just want to update your design game, consider using mirrors to reflect your personal style in your bathroom.

Make a statement.
Choose a statement mirror with a fun and fancy border or antique frame. This will infuse a bit of individuality in a bathroom done in simple, clean lines or a monochromatic color scheme. In very small spaces, using a statement mirror may take the place of hanging a picture or adding other decorations.

Create space and add privacy.
Incorporate mirrored shower doors in a small or narrow bathroom. Mirrors reflect light, making smaller spaces look and feel larger. Make the most of a tiny space and add a layer of privacy not found with ordinary glass doors.

Add some round edges to a square space.
Bathrooms often are all rectangular in shape with hard edges everywhere catching the eye. Circular mirrors establish a new line of vision in a room that can otherwise be very angular.

Break up with your long wall mirror.
Many bathrooms are designed with one long mirror spanning the length of your vanity. Instead of one mirror, hang several square mirrors side-by-side to add an element of interest and visually break up the wall space.

Light it up.
Add a back-light or illuminated edge to your bathroom mirrors. Not only will this change the look of your bathroom, it will create ambiance. The additional soft lighting can make this a more relaxing space for you to unwind.

Go vertical.
Don’t limit yourself to squares or a long, wide rectangle. Hang your rectangular mirror vertically over your vanity. You’ll still get the same functionality with the added illusion of height . You can also prop a floor-to-ceiling mirror against an open wall to give additional height to the room by taking advantage of vertical space.

Try something different in the background.
Use small mirrors as tiles to create a one-of-a-kind backsplash. This doesn’t have to be limited to your vanity. Insert a mirror behind a freestanding bathtub or in an alcove designed to store toiletries.

Show your personality.
Find unique shapes. Don’t be afraid to look outside the squares and circles that are typical in mirror designs. Look for scalloped edges, sunbursts or anything that suits your unique design aesthetic.

Create a frame for your lighting.
Let your mirrors do some multitasking. Use dual vanity mirrors over double sinks to frame interesting lighting choices. A beautiful sconce or small wall lamp can be placed between the mirrors or at their sides for a balanced look.

Mix but don’t match.
This will work best in bathrooms with a bit more wall space. There is no need to settle on one style when it comes to mirrors in your bathroom. Use several mirrors with the same shape but of different sizes to hang in gallery format on your wall. Or, choose a large mirror in one shape and surround it with smaller mirrors in a different shape.


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