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10 Bathroom Updates to budget for 2017

10 Bathroom Updates to budget for 2017

Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms of the home and significantly influence the value of residential properties. Many homeowners want to create a contemporary setting with updated features and decor that is used. For those who are planning on redesigning their bathroom, there are a few updates to budget for in 2017.

1. Dark Green Shades
More homeowners are incorporating dark green shades into their bathrooms, which are replacing blue shades that have commonly been used in past years. The green shades can be paired with beige or brown colors and will allow the room to feel warm and inviting.

2. Kit-Kat Tiles
Kit-kat tiles are replacing subway tiles in 2017 and are longer in their shape and size. The feature allows the bathroom to appear modern and sleek. They can be placed vertically or horizontally to make a statement and stand out in the shower or when used on the backsplash.

3. Terracotta
Terracotta tiles incorporate extra warmth into the room and include a natural matte finish that allows them to be used on walls. The tiles will replace cool and white features to create a cozy setting that is more welcoming.

4. Extra Storage Options
The functionality of the bathroom is crucial to creating a modern space that is updated. Add extra storage options that make everything within reach and keep clutter off of the countertops with built-in shelves and pull-out drawers that are used.

5. Metallics
Metallic designs continue to remain popular in 2017 and add a bit of style in the bathroom to allow the space to flow well with the rest of the home. Consider installing brass faucets or gold fixtures to add a high-end element that makes the room appear luxe.

6. Industrial Details
One of the most modern elements of the new year are industrial details with concrete floors or walls that can be used. The gritty design of the material is available in tiles to ensure that it transforms the setting and hides scuffs or marks that develop.

7. Custom Bathroom Tiles
More homeowners want to have a bathroom in their home that is unique with its design, which makes custom bathroom tiles in demand to create a customized environment that is specific to your home’s style. Artisanal tiles will create a high level of visual appeal and can be paired with a featured stone.

8. Wood
Timber is a common material that will be incorporated into bathrooms in the coming year to incorporate a bit of warmth into the space, which can be used in unique ways. Consider adding it to the sink or on the walls to impress your guests.

9. Large Tiles
Oversized tiles are an up and coming trend that reduce the amount of grout lines that are present and enhance the space of the bathroom.

10. Pink Elements
Touches of pink are unexpected and break a few rules when it comes to interior design for those who want to have a bit of fun. Add hot pink towels in a dark room or various shades of blush with the art that is on display.

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